Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat Wave

This heat is just unbelievable . I would have never survived if I had to live in the "olden days" without air conditioning. I keep trying to head to the kitchen to cook dinner but my nice cool craft room keeps calling me. I love to sew and knit and quilt and embroider, and my latest passion is rug hooking. I hook on the run whenever I need to just get away from it all for a few minutes. My grandmother braided rugs and even though this is not quite the same, I still enjoy using the repurposed wool I find in my rugs, just as she used recycled fabrics and clothes to braid. I still have 2 of her precious rugs and enjoy knowing they are a part of my crafting heritage.
I just purchased some beautiful new wool on Ebay from Diane does a great job of overdying, and she only uses the best wool available in the marketplace. Getting her package in the mail is like Christmas morning. I even save the linen string each package bundle is gift wrapped with. Now to find a project so I can start using my new stash.
Before I immerse myself too much in this blog experience I will have to learn how to upload some pictures so I can share my progress with projects etc. I have almost finished the Lexington Sheep a proddy class I took with Alice Frazier, so enjoyable...
 Well I better get the stuffed peppers made for dinner. I make mine with red peppers, so delish.
Remember to do what makes you happy, life is way to short.

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