Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stayin cool creatively.

I like summer a lot but I can't deal with the heat like we had this past week. One of the best things that my hubby bought me last summer was a really neat spray mister from Ace hardware. No batteries just a cool pumping motion and you have a fine pressurized mist. I knew there was a reason I don't wear makeup in the summer never know when you need a little cool mist. It really came in handy in Virginia last week.
I have been trying to cram so many projects into what summer I have left before I go back to school. This week I have denoted more time to hooking, I want to finish my proddy sheep. I finally decided to proddy the border after ripping and hooking and ripping and hooking different ideas. All of my new wool I ordered from Ebay came over the weekend and its just waiting to go into a new project. In the mean time I have managed to finish an owl hat ,a pair of booties and an afghan for my future grand baby's hope chest. I have a feeling by the time I am done I will need a storage locker.
Better finish up my knitting before I go to bed. In the meantime I wish you all happy hooking or whatever makes you happy on the run. Peace out!

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