Sunday, July 31, 2011

The long and winding road...

Yesterday my husband and I went to West Virginia to visit our daughter who moved there last week from VA. We were very familiar with Morgantown, being that we both went to college there, but my how things have changed. Of course that was ages ago, 36 years to be exact. You would think that we would know the way from Pittsburgh to Morgantown,however we decided to take the scenic route. One hundred miles later when I finally saw a sign for Waynesburg I decided we better cut our losses and jump on the interstate. Erin called to see where we were and was surprised to hear we were wondering around the back roads. I am known for my keen sense of direction as long as I have the car compass in my view but yesterdays adventure was questionable.After we finally arrived we had a great visit with Erin and her boyfriend, a delicious dinner at a local Italian place and a quick tour of campus. Thankfully we found our way home on a more direct route and the next time we visit I might not have to see too much scenery,I just want to get there.
Today I am kicking back finishing the proddy border on my sheep rug. I also have a few sewing projects planned so I need to scout out my fabric stash. Hopefully I can move forward with posting pictures because that always makes checking out a blog more interesting, don't you think? There are enough computer pros in my family so I guess I will enlist there help.
Until next time, life's too short do what makes you happy!

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