Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

The mailman brought me some new wool today and I could not wait to look at some projects that I could use it for. However I had decided to work on the state report that I am responsible for the school district. This report involves all of the statistics for the medical component of the district. It takes time and since I don't like working with numbers however, that's what calculators are for. Once I got started it wasn't so bad. Somehow rainy days make me feel more productive.
I am looking forward to this coming Sunday. My friend Jackie and I have our monthly hooking lesson and I have not been there since before my knee replacement surgery. I forget what the topic is but it does not matter it will just be fun to be with my hooking friends again. Not only that but I need to get some wool for a another project I need to finish. Its all about the wool. I digress, back to work and then dinner prep, its beef and broccoli night..
Peace out,


  1. Say hi to PJ ~ that stands for 'Princess Jackie' ~ you know!!! Have fun tonite ~ glad you're getting your sheep rug done!!!!!!!

  2. Yay!! I was able to comment ~ sometimes blogger won't let me do it!!! Congrats on your blog ~ pictures do add a nice dimension ~ if I can do it, you can, for sure!!!