Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The blink of an eye.

A lot has happened since my last post. Some was good and some was not so good. The good part was a great trip to Sauder Village in Ohio for rug hooking week. My friend Jackie and I left on Tuesday the 16th for four days of intense fiber overload. We took a great class from Theresa Neiderbing in needle felting. There were only three of us in the class so we had undivided attention from the teacher. There was great shopping and I added quite a bit of wool to my stash. My favorite booth was Rebecca Erb. I also found a great pattern with a sheep and sunflowers. The list of things to hook has become longer after my trip. The rug show was wonderful with the private collection of Patty Yoders being my favorite. She loved sheep as I do and her designs were absolutely wonderful. I took another class with Amy Oxford where I learned more about rug punching. I enjoy hooking but rug punching is fun and offers more instant gratification. Amy's class was very informative and I learned several things I did not know.
Jackie and I also spent many hours with several of our Ohio hooking friends. We enjoyed several good meals and lots of laughs. I would be remiss if I didn't add that Jackie ate eight pieces of pie in four days, she did share some with me though.
Now for the not so good part... Friday evening we learned of the bad storms and flash flooding on Washington Blvd. in Pittsburgh. The road where it happened is not too far from where I live, and I travel it quite often. We discussed the tragedy where a woman and two of her children died not knowing that Saturday morning I would find out that the woman was my co-worker and her two daughters. I could not believe it. Kim and I had just talked on the phone on Monday discussing our plans for the upcoming school year. We had planned to talk when I got home from my trip so we could get together to set up the nurses office before school started. In the blink of an eye... The last few days have been heart wrenching, but in my grief , and those of my friends, her co-workers,we have to know that Kim,Brenna,and Mikaela are in the arms of the Lord. Her family will never be the same and we pray for them to have the strength to move forward. At the funeral today the minister said there should be no what ifs. I have to take solace in his words. Tomorrow I have to go to school and even though I will feel sad and upset I can close my eyes and see Kim's smiling face knowing that she is looking down on us saying if you need anything I am there for you in spirit.
Peace out,

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