Friday, August 12, 2011

A day in the country!

Yesterday my husband and I enjoyed a much needed day together in Holmes County Ohio. Next to the beach Holmes county is probably my most favorite place to visit. Having Amish country a short 2 hours away is great,but sometimes its a long and winding road. We took a less direct route hoping to miss rush hour traffic through downtown Pittsburgh but ended up in stopped traffic on the Ohio turnpike. They were setting a bridge beam thus the stopped traffic. Three hours later we finally ended up at our destination. We had a great day driving the back roads and stopping at favorite spots. My favorite sight of the day were the Amish children at three different farms hanging over the fence waving to passer byes. Life can be so simple and joyful!
My husband was ready to drive me to the hospital after I came out of Millers Dry Goods without a bag. He thought I was truly ill. I explained to him that I was looking for panda fabric and they did not have any. The truth is I am planning on adding to my wool stash when I go to rug hooking camp next week, so I decided to be good.
After finishing the day doing our shopping at Walnut Creek Cheese a wonderful grocery store with only some things you can find in Ohio we headed to der Dutchman for a great dinner. Where else can you get lima beans and creamed corn as a side dish with chicken raised right up the road. For me that was grandmas house too long ago. Three hours later after sitting in rush hour traffic through Pittsburgh, the day was a pleasant memory. When is the next trip?
Peace out,

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